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Monday 3rd june 2019

Im back! So as you can see, I have neglected my blog, A lot! However, you may or may not know, but I have been exceptionally busy lately. A few weeks ago I returned from Cyprus, started converting our attic into my bedroom and on top of everything else, catching up on my schoolwork! But fortunately I have finally found some time to write this blog (even though it's now 8:30 at night). Therefore, I thought i'd make this blog about my holiday in Cyprus.However, the things i'm about to tell you aren't the only things I did, but if I told you everything, we would be here all day! Now, it all began at sheffield train station, on the week commencing Monday 29th of april. This was the day before we arrived in cyprus. So, we were travelling to London Gatwick airport. We arrived in London around 3 o'clock at st pancreas station. Meaning, we had to catch another train within 5 minutes of getting off the last train! Not ideal, right? However, we made it! So once we had arrived at the hotel we decided to find some place to eat. Honestly, I can't even remember what I ate that night! Then, I had around 5 hours sleep until i woke up again at 2 o'clock to travel to the airport, but when you wake up at 2 o'clock in the morning, it is dark and when I say dark, I mean dark! When we arrived at the airport it was about 3 o'clock now and our flight wasn't until 7! So we spent around 4 hours wondering around shops, watching planes take off and eating breakfast. 

Tuesday 26th march 2019

Tuesday already! I've forgotten all about my blog. Sorry guys! However, since the weather has been quite warm and sunny lately, i've been really busy and not had as much time for blogging. Although, I need to try and make a lot more time for my blogs so over the next week your going to be finding many more blogs on my page! So today i've been sorting out my suitcase for when I go on holiday to Cyprus in April aswell as writing this blog. Today it is not so warm outside so I thought this would be the right day to write this! So since i've already told you i am going to cyprus in  April, I thought I would give you some travel hacks/tips for when your next stuck for what you should pack or when you just need more storage!

There have been times where i've been so obsessed with hacks and finding easier ways to do things, that everything I did always ended up looking on google how to make it effortless! So when it comes to travelling , the time when you need every tip you can find, It's always easy for me to just throw some things into a case and go! Whether your just going on a road trip or going abroad into the tropical sunset these tips will have you prepared for any kind of adventure on it's way! Sure, some of this hacks are probably a little strange to you, but I promise they do work. So if your trying to avoid being a week late for your holiday or whether your one of them people where the simplest thing always end up chaos, then these tips are definetly aimed at you!

 However, since preparing for going on vacation is quite a stressful time, i'm hoping this tips will make your packing experience ten times easier! These 6 hacks should become very useful for when your next going away or on a road trip!  However, if you found this blog was quite interesting and you would like to see more on travel, don't forgot to email me and tell me what you would like to see next!

you will be able to find out how to mail me from the link below:

The best travel hacks to know.

#1. Pack the konmari way

So you may or may not have heard about this but it's probably one of the best things created! Basically it's a better way to pack, roll and leave extra space for your clothing and accessories! You can find the method in the link below:

#2. Always travel with a hoodie/pullover

After all, it is always colder in the air than on the ground. Whether your choosing to pack it in your hand luggage, or choosing to wear it whilst getting on the flight, make sure to have one just in case it's a little cool!

#3. stay fresh!

On long haul flights, no doubt your face will be feeling washed out and dry, so why not apply moisturiser or something to help cleanse your skin! When you arrive at your destination ( wherever it may be) your skin will feel hydrated and fresh!

#4. Where you heavest items during the flight.

If you choose to wear your heaviest items on the flight, you will save a ton of room in your case, aswell as keep the weight down after all the airport don't way yourself!

#5. shop for neccersary items when you arrive.

No doubt there will be a place near your hotel where you can buy the basics like bottled water and a few snacks. If your travelling abroad, the prices sometimes are high in the hotels and tap water can give you an upset stomach.

#6. Pack an empty water bottle.

unfortunatly, you can't take a full water bottle through security, however you can pack one or two empty bottles to fill once your on the other side of security to take on board with you.

I hope this hacks may come in handy for you when your next going on vacation! Don't forget to keep checking in to my page to see whats new!

Friday, 15th march 2019

Hello friday! So today I have had quite a lounge day and just finished watching I feel pretty. A film about a women who feels insecure about herself but when she suffers a bang to the head she suddenly believes she is the most flawless, pretty and capable women in the world! I recommended you watch this film as I instantly thought it was amazing. Anyway, during this blog i'm going to give you 20 facts about myself.  So I hope you will know a little more about me once you have read these facts!

1. The sun instantly makes me happy

2. When im cold i get grumpy

3. I live in the UK

4. I hate kiwi's

5. I love starbucks.

6. I love trying out new makeup looks.

7. I like to read in my spare time.

8. I hate spiders

9. My favourite thing to binge eat is cookies.

10. I have two younger sisters.

11.I bite my cheek without noticing

12.My favourite food is pizza.

13. I hate spicy foods.

14. I have two cats

15. I couldn't live without coffee

16. I am always organising my room

17.My favourite animal is a penguin

18.I collect makeup highlighting powder.

19.I love shopping

20.I love candles.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly more personal blog and learnt a bit more about me! So since this was only a short blog i'm hoping to post another blog on my beauty page tonight so make sure you stay updated for when it's posted!

Thursday, 14th march 2019

Thursday already! how has this week gone so fast? So recently I have decided to eat more healthy. Instead of drinking liquids that contain caffeine, I have begun to drink fruit infused water aswell as eating more foods which are high in protein such as avocado melted with cheese and tomato, strange combination right? Although, if you would like to try the recipe you will be able to find it in my food blog here. Since I have already started talking to you about health, I might aswell just make a blog about it. Im going to try and include everything which is significant to know. So im going to start by talking about exercising frequently. As we all know, some people find this a really fun and stress relieving activity, where as many people would rather just sit at home watching a movie!

So im going to be giving you 5 tips to get yourself out of the house whether it's to go swimming, running, a long walk, to the gym or just sports in general. I'm hoping these tips will encourage you to start working out! My first tip is to be productive, when you first wake up, instead of lounging around all day in your pj's wake up, shower and get ready straight away, you won't be feeling dirty all morning until your forced to get ready! My second tip is to put a playlist together on your phone, when I am working out I tend to find it gives me more motivation! Another tip I have is to download an app that will track your steps, amount of excerise you have done and if you want to, how many calories you have burnt. My fourth tip is to eat a healthy breakfast before you start exercising, something that is high in protein, vitamins and potassium such as avacado with yoghurt, or you could try  cheese and avocado with tomato melted under the grill always works and tastes good! My final tip is to set a time you would like to start and finish your workout, I normally say about an hour and 15 minutes is normally enough but you can set a time for as long as you need! Once you have completed these 5 tips, you should feel like you have achieved something and feel good about yourself! Now i've talked to you about exercising im going to suggest to you some meals/ snacks which are healthy and beneficial to eat, but also taste quite good. So I will start with snacks. One of the most healthy snacks you can eat is a piece/portion of fruit, although sometimes it does start to get boring after a while. However, another snack you could try is a selection of nuts, nuts are an ideal, nutritious snack. Another snack I like to have at about mid-morning is frozen yogurt bark with blueberries and lemon zest, the recipe will also be posted on my food blog.  However, there are many other snacks you can try such as: apple slices with peanut butter, cucumber/carrot sticks with hummus, cherry tomatos with mozzerella and a healthy and a filling protein drink (Weetabix shakes or homemade, they both are very nutritious) another recipe which will be added to my food section! So now i have given you some snack ideas i'm going to tell you about some meals to try. One of my favourite meals, thanks to taco bell, is a mexican salad taco bowl, they are really delicious and the best thing is, their healthy! You will be able to find the recipe on Olive magazine. Another one of my favourites, peanut butter chicken, this recipe is easy to make and very flavoursome! You will be able to find the recipe on BBC good food. Now im going to move onto lunch ideas. Since many of us are always quite busy during the day, I thought I would just suggest to you some recipes which are quick and easy for on the go. my first recipe i have is ideal for when you are on the go, A green club sandwich is't just healthy but tastes delicious or a ham and beetroot salad bowl! You will also be able to find the recipes on BBC good food. Now as you can see this was quite a long blog so i'm going to end it here. So don't forget to visit my page again tomorrow for another blog!

Wednesday, 13th March 2019

I can't believe it, I was in a nice deep sleep, listening to the howling wind outside whilst under the nice toasted sheets when 'BANG' the bedroom door slams open, the light goes on and the usual daily earthquake's my 2 little sisters. It's only 06:15, why do they have to be so hyperactive? They don't even start school for another 3hrs yet they are wide awake, and as such so is everyone else in the house including me. I can't really blame them though, I'm pretty sure I was the same up until a few years ago, and my parents reassure me that I was even worse on weekends.

Not anymore though, in fact I'm quite the opposite these days, sometimes I won't wake up until the alarm has gone of at least 5 times! So finally, I am forced out of bed and head downstairs for some coffee and grab some breakfast, although I'm not a big fan of eating before lunchtime so just half a slice of toast should do the trick, and hopefully the coffee will wake me up a bit! Now I'm awake I might aswell just get dressed and start the day ahead. Once I've finished in the bath whilst using the gingerbread mousse I got dressed, I said goodbye to my sisters and start with my schoolwork. Since I'm homeschooled, I usually start work around 9:00am where as my two sisters normally start around 8:45 so I kind of feel quite fortunate for that! This morning I started with maths, which to be honest wasn't like visiting a theme park, but to be fair it's not exactly supposed to be great fun! Then at around 10:00am I completed my chores and started my daily blog, the thing your reading right this minute! Later on however, I will be going to pick my youngest sister up with my mum, who is now baking in the kitchen! Anyway, as you can see, I've started drinking lemon infused water, apparently it's supposed to keep your skin soft and clear so I'll see how that goes and probably be reporting back to you about that later on this week. On the other hand, I'm hoping to write to you about some beauty tips/ advice later on my beauty page this afternoon so make sure to go and check that out. So that's it for now on my daily blog so dont forget to stay updated!